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vintage utility cart


I found a vintage 1950’s Cosco utility cart at our local thrift store for $9.99, it still had it’s original label on the bottom of the drawer.  I’ve seen the three shelf version there several times but none like this with a drawer…so I bought it.  Here’s a really bad picture of it before (we were using it to hold supplies while building our daughter’s dollhouse, a future post).


It had its original factory enamel paint finish but it was really scratched up and needed to be refinished. The easiest thing to do was to paint it but since some of the scratches were so deep it needed to be sanded first.  I started sanding it and realized I was able to sand all the way to the bare metal which I liked.  I decided after sanding the top that I would sand all of the painted parts to the bare metal.  I’m not going to lie, it took a super long time to sand and I was ready to give up on it several times.  But I eventually finished all the sanding and sealed the bare metal with furniture wax so it wouldn’t rust.  There are some spots where I couldn’t remove all the white paint (mostly in the corners) and I still need to find a handle for the drawer but I really like the vintage industrial look it now has.





4 thoughts on “vintage utility cart

    • I have a small palm sander similiar to this one from Home Depot. I started with 60 grit sandpaper which removed most of the paint and then followed up with 120 grit sandpaper to smooth out whatever was left. It took several days and I had to wear a mask and eye protection because of all the dust.

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