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thrift shop

If I had a theme song it would be Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”, I absolutely love it!  (mom, don’t listen to it…they say a few naughty words).  I know there are lots of people that would never set foot in a thrift store because they think it’s gross, but if you go into it with an open mind you could walk away with some treasures. 

I typically head straight toward the furniture area when I go.  I look past upholstery items (other people’s stains=ewwww) and primarily look for wood or metal pieces that can be cleaned.  Often times, vintage furniture is better made than modern day stuff and with a little work they can look fantastic again. 

Once I look through the furniture section I quickly browse the decorative accessories aisles.  You have to not get sidetracked by looking at the ceramic kitty statues or porcelain dolls and focus on things with potential.  Maybe it’s a cool vintage frame or lamp, it could be an old globe or lucite tray.  Anyway, try to keep your eyes open but don’t focus on the gaudy knick knacks.

A few weeks ago I went to the thrift store with my mom when she was here visiting from Seattle and came away with some cool finds.  A pair of very tall and heavy vintage brass lamps ($12 for the pair) and a vintage faux bamboo Hekman brand table ($10).  I scuffed up the brass so it wasn’t quite so shiny and will add black drum shades, they’ll live in the living room.  The little bamboo table is in the master bedroom and will eventually get a coat of glossy paint.








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