happy new year!

I can’t believe it’s already January 5th…where has the time gone?  My kids have been out of school since December 20th and the last couple of weeks have flown by.  A brief recap:  My parents came from Seattle and spent Christmas with us.  While they were here, my mister and I were able to sneak away and go on a double date with our friends and had a great  time.  Then my mom, Emma (our 4.5 year old) and I went to see the Nutcracker and it was fantastic!  We had box seats and were able to see everything so clearly.  There was also some snowboarding, ice skating and we went to a New Year’s Eve party in our neighborhood and didn’t get home until waaayyyyy past bedtime, but had a truly great time with genuinely nice people. 

Our Littles Making Gingerbread Houses:


Our Littles Waiting Patiently to Open Presents:


Ice Skating Party with Friends


Now as much as I enjoyed the holidays, I was happy to pack up all the decorations a couple of days ago.  The house instantly feels and looks cleaner.  It inspires me to tackle some projects here at home, mainly organizing but maybe some painting too.  wink wink.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to a great 2014. 

Thanks for stopping by.



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