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under the bed LEGO table


Our son Connor (soon to be seven years old) has a fairly large LEGO collection.  Most of his LEGO sets live in his closet but there were lots of vehicles and random building pieces that were living on his bedroom floor…everywhere.  It seemed like anytime I went in his room to put something away I would tiptoe around the LEGOs but would manage to step on one stray piece.  Have you ever stepped on a LEGO?  It hurts!!  I finally had enough of the madness and decided to find a way to make us both happy.

Enter a 24”x36” dry erase board from a thrift store for $2 and four casters from the Home Depot for $2.47 each.  I simply screwed the casters to the bottom of the dry erase board frame (it’s made from solid wood) and that was it.  The table has been working out so well, Connor plays with his LEGOs on the table and rolls it back under the bed when he’s finished. 

SAM_5888 (640x480)

There’s plenty of space for building and playing but you can’t build things too tall or it will bump into the bed when you slide the table back.  For us, things can’t be taller than the truck in front on the far left (white trailer with green cab).

SAM_5891 (640x480)

When I rolled the table out to take pictures this afternoon I had to ask Connor what was happening in the scene below, he explained “those guys are in jail because they were trying to take a car that didn’t belong to them.”  Notice how the white fence is keeping them in and their arms are up.  LOL

SAM_5892 (640x480)

SAM_5893 (640x480)

SAM_5895 (640x480)

The fun thing about using a dry erase board is you could draw roads or buildings as part of the play experience and then erase them when you’re finished.  Overall this was a super easy and cheap project.  I suppose at some point I might even paint the wood frame and add handles to the front edge, but it’s fine for now.  Thanks for looking.


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