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gray end table


I found this cute vintage wood end table at the thrift store for $19.99 but as usual it was 1/2 off day so I bought it for $10.  It had nice lines and I loved the hardware, although it was super dirty.  Can you see all the dirt?  yuck!



The table was very sturdy (aka heavy) and very well made, but the top had some scratches and I’m not fond of the faux wood grain finish.




I removed the hardware and cleaned the table and drawers with clorox wipes.  I let everything dry for a few minutes and then sanded with a medium grit sandpaper.  The top had the most damage so I sanded the damaged parts until they were fairly smooth.  Here’s what it looked like after sanding. 



I like the way oil based paints produce a glossy and durable finish so that’s what I used for the table.  I had some smoke gray Rust-Oleum paint in the garage, it’s a nice medium/dark gray color that ended up almost matching the wall color.  When painting with oil based paint you want to load your brush up with paint and brush it on without brushing it back and forth too much, it’s self leveling…sort of like nail polish.

Here’s what it looked like after the first coat (I did two coats).



While the paint dried I cleaned up the brass hardware with a little brasso and a toothbrush.  The hardware started off as almost black but polished up nicely.  I left some of the tarnish in the nooks and crannies for a little dimension.

Here’s what it looks like after two coats of paint and cleaned up hardware (in real life the gray color is a bit darker, the sunlight lightens everything in this room).





One more look at the before and after.


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